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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Aberdeen Township Natural Resources - Creeks, Brooks, and Lakes

The 2005 Aberdeen Township Master Plan (available at the Matawan Aberdeen Public Library's reference desk) contains the township's Natural Resources Inventory dated July 2002. The latter is a great resource for basic information about our watershed, as well as a list of our 3 lakes and 8 primary watercourses.

Aberdeen Township lies within the Bayshore/Matawan Creek Watershed drainage basin, which is part of Watershed Management Area 12 (WMA 12) as defined by the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. WMA 12 includes six watersheds and covers 503 sq miles. Aberdeen's primary watercourses all drain directly into Raritan Bay.

Our primary watercourses are:
  • Birch Swamp Brook
  • Gravelly Brook
  • Long Neck Creek
  • Luppatatong Creek
  • Matawan Brook
  • Matawan Creek and its tributaries
  • Mohingson Brook (also known as Wilksons Creek)
  • Whale Creek
Our lakes are:
  • Lake Lefferts
  • Lake Matawan
  • Treasure Lake


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