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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Matawan Man Becomes Hero on Staten Island

Andrew Camputaro, of Ravine Drive in Matawan, pulled a man from a burning SUV on Wednesday, according to SILive. The really amazing part is that Camputaro was driving a NYC Transit bus on a regular route through Staten Island when he noticed a nearby vehicular accident with smoke and sparks developing into a fire. He safely parked his vehicle and calmly conducted the rescue. See The NY Daily News and countless other outlets for additional coverage of this event.

Speaking of burning vehicles, I spoke with one of the first responders who dealt with the Old Bridge driver whose vehicle flipped and caught fire on Route 34 in Matawan on Monday. There was apparently no opportunity for heroics in this case. The first responder clarified for me that the car had hit the curb near Monroe when it began to flip down the side of the road until it slammed into the brick signpost at Peter's Fishery. The story goes that the Toyota was traveling quite fast and would have ended up crashing into the restaurant were it not for the signage. The first responder suggested that it was another one of those stuck Toyota accelerators, but it was unclear whether that was opinion or fact. Check out the photo of the wreckage at APP.


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