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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Former "The Office" Site in Keyport To Become Dunkin Donuts Drive-Thru/Gloria Nilson Real Estate Office

UPDATE 4/27/2014: I noticed some major renovation work going on at the long-vacated The Office Beer Bar & Grill on Route 35 North in Keyport on Saturday morning. It is in the same parking lot with Stop n Shop and IHOP. I put out some feelers and did some research.

While Dunkin Donuts headquarters weren't prepared to say anything yet but would be making an announcement soon, my friends at IHOP confirmed what I read in a recent discussion in the "Keyport, NJ" Facebook group that Dunkin Donuts will be using a third of the building for a new drive-thru business and Gloria Nielson Real Estate will occupy the other two-thirds for a new agency office.

Too bad. I mean it's nice that the space is being occupied, especially because it is one of the last vacancies along Route 35 lingering since the recession. But I wish there was a Chipotle or Panera or something like that going in that spot. Seems a waste to add yet another DD. We're saturated with them in the area. Like drug stores.

The Keyport Facebook group also discussed Up the Creek, which may be rebuilt soon. The parking lot there routinely flooded, so needless to say the bar was nearly washed away during Sandy. It will be built with a 14' boost in its height off the ground, which could offer a nice view of the harbor. Perhaps they should change the name to Above the Creek?


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