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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Aberdeen Brag Rag

Aberdeen Township's occasional newsletter arrived in the mail today to tout the Council's achievements prior to the November election. Seems like free campaign advertising for the mayor and the other two incumbents. They are well funded, given all the wooden signs they've erected around town promoting their campaign, but I guess they feel free to use taxpayer monies to fund a last minute brag rag.

I was surprised that they featured the project to replace the glass plant, which has been sitting decaying for decades and was still there last I looked. They were wise to omit the train station project.

If you like how smooth your road is, vote for them. I plan to vote against them all this year, hopeful to remove at least one of them and the Democratic lock on power on the Council. Given their incumbency and funding, though, I suspect the Dems are here to stay.

UPDATE: One of the Aberdeen Council candidates posted a detailed comment at the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch regarding the impact of the Glass Works project housing plans on the school district and property taxes.


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