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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Over The Cliff

Here we go, over the cliff. They said it would never happen. They were all supposedly just playing politics and would kiss and make up at the last minute.

Oh, but don't you see, it will only be a short fall, then the House is going to catch us in their loving arms and put us down gently. Yeah, that's it. McConnell's and Biden's hands are already sticking out of the rocky crags offering a helping hand. Can't you see them? It was all on the news. Crisis averted. No worries. Right?

But why do I still have this sinking feeling? I don't like it when we go through this sort of thing without a safety net. And what if something unexpected happens on the way down? Like electronic stock and bond trades? Or foreign currency market fluctuations?

Ah, relax. What could happen?


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