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Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Smartphone App Guide to NJ Wildlife Released

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has developed a smartphone app that serves as a guide to finding the best spots to find our state's wildlife, whether you want to watch them frolicking in the wilderness or hunt them down with your weapon of choice and kill them. The press release reads, in part:

The free Pocket Ranger® New Jersey Fish and Wildlife application is a cutting-edge mobile app
that provides on-the-spot information on the state’s fish and wildlife species along with extensive
mapping of public open spaces, showing and providing site information on access points for
hunting, fishing, boating and wildlife watching.

Pocket Ranger has social networking capabilities, and provides an advanced map-caching feature
that allows users to continue to navigate even if mobile service is lost. In addition, advanced GPS
technology allows users to keep track of where they are, how far they’ve gone and to mark
favorite hunting spots, fishing holes or wildlife sightings.


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