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Friday, September 28, 2012

Matawan Journal Online Archive (1878)

The online edition of The Matawan Journal has an incorrect link to the 1878 issues, linking instead to the 1869 issues. Here's a good link to the 1878 issues. Hopefully the link on the site can be fixed.


  1. Pat,

    Thank you very much for posting the 1878 Matawan Journals. My great grand uncle Frank Hayward's obituary is in the 7 September 1878 issue and it was a thrill to find it on your site after not being able to access it on the library site. They assured me at the library that they would fix this omission.

    I had a very nice visit to Monmouth County this past 26-27 September. The staff at the Matawan Library were very helpful. I found an article there on 1873 Matawan in their files from a 1936 issue of the Matawan Journal but unfortunately the exact date of the issue was not listed. Would you know it by any chance?

    I also went to the Monmouth County Historical Museum in Freeport where I was delighted to find photostat copies from an 1843 Hayward Bible that listed births, Marriages and deaths of many Hayward, Stryker, Lain, and Gordon relatives.

    I found the Carrie Conover house at 109 Main St. That was quite a thrill for me as I know that Frank Hayward, Carrie's father, moved there in 1871. Strangely a Matawan realtor's site lists 1908 as the construction date.

    I wonder if you might know where either Bell's Drug Store or Farry's Hotel was located in Matawan. I ask this because according to the Matawan Journal Frank Hayward's butcher shop was located "opposite Bell's drug store" and "next to Farry's Hotel".

    I also visited the Old Brick Reformed Church Cemetery in Bradevelt and the Old Tennent Churchyard in Tennent where I took many pictures of my ancestors headstones.

    All in all it was a great visit. I stayed at the Great Western in Hazlet which worked out wonderfully.

    Thanks again for your advice.

    Peter Hayward

    1. Inquiring minds wanna know -- Where did you eat? ;-)

      I'll check into the matters you asked about. Do you have a photocopy of that 1873 1936 article? Could you provide me with a couple of unique strings of text that I might search at the website? Might make it easier to find.

  2. Pat,

    I do have a photocopy of the article. Do you belong to ancestry.com? If you do I can post it on my site and you can see it.

    While in Matawan I had lunch at an old, small diner not too far up the street from the Carrie Conover house at 109 Main St. The next day in Freehold I ate at a very nice Mediterranean cafe right smack in the middle of town.

    I must say that I enjoyed Matawan very much. I liked all the old homes sprinkled along Main St., particularly the old blue one near the Baptist Church.

    I drove to Sea Bright and really liked watching the surfers. On my way back to Hazlet I drove through Rumson and thought that I had gotten lost and had ended up in Newport, RI! That was quite a surprise.


    1. I'm glad you had a nice visit to the area. The stately old blue house by the Baptist church is lovely and locals hope it will stay that way. Many people from out of town remark on it and think it is one of the most beautiful properties on Main Street.

      Rumson is a charmer. I particularly like driving Navesink River Road and crossing the bridge into Rumson. I'm not much on going to the shore, probably because of the crowds, but it can be fun.

      I have an Ancestry account and could see the article at your page. Readers, I highly recommend Ancestry for anyone interested in history and/or genealogy.

  3. John Farry's hotel was in Matawan township, not the borough. Not sure exactly where. George Bell's drug store was across the street from the hotel, also in the township. I'll try checking an atlas to see if either is marked.

  4. Pat,

    I have just posted "Matawan in 1873" from The Matawan Journal on my Francis William Hayward page. To find it you can do a search for Francis Hayward, born 1839 in Massachusetts, and residing in Matawan and then click on Family Trees.

    Thank you for taking an interest in this and for the research you have done.

    Peter Hayward

    Peter Hayward

  5. Matawan in 1873 was published in a series of seven (7) articles by Charles E Close during the summer of 1935. He died the following spring. I took the opportunity to post links to the entire series on the History page in my blog. Look for them chronologically in 1873. I saw a Conover in the 2 Aug piece and a Hayward in the 9 Aug article.

    I had no luck matching any distinctive keyword strings from your article to The Matawan Journal. I'm not sure what the 1936-3 reference is about on your image. Matawan Journal editions are on a fiscal year, not calendar year, so edition 3 is in July, not January.

  6. Does anyone know why the 1941 year of the Matawan Journal wasn't scanned/saved? My parents were married in Nov 1941 and I had hoped to see mention of it. Sheila