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Friday, June 24, 2011

Train Commuting Nightmare

The Newark Star-Ledger has a good article summing up the major headaches suffered by commuters on the trains the past couple of days. OMG! Two mornings in a row and again last night. Yesterday morning the entire Northeast Corridor had no power, so Aberdeen-Matawan passengers heading to the city were stacked 3 high at Woodbridge and being told at the station to find alternate means to get to their destinations. Last night the monitors at Newark were showing all trains to Aberdeen-Matawan running one and a half hours late. I saw people running from platform to platform trying to find the correct train as the signage was all wrong. One man threw his briefcase into the doorway of one train and shouted angrily down the track to a far off conductor, "Where is this train going?" Commuters' tempers were only just starting to flare last night, mostly patient through it all, but I fear for the worst if the trip in or back is bad again today. As for myself, it's just another steamy summer on the metro area rails. I just turn on my iPod and try to pretend I'm somewhere else.


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