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Saturday, June 18, 2011

Monmouth and Ocean Disaster Managers Face Earl 2.0

Last weekend, the Jersey Coast Chapter of the American Red Cross joined local and county disaster relief coordinators in Earl 2.0, a major exercise that tested their abilities to work together to deal with the consequences of a seriously reimagined 2010 hurricane. Last year's Hurricane Earl was reconceived as striking much of the East Coast and causing untold damage. The drill was acted out all along the Eastern seaboard.

The local drill allowed Monmouth and Ocean disaster managers to practice setting up and running a disaster relief shelter at Brookdale Community College, a registered disaster relief center in case of a true emergency. Thirty disaster "victims" helped make the event more challenging by providing the team with practical experience providing an assortment of services to victims with a range of special needs and circumstances. The drill showed the managers to be both professional and competent in accomplishing their duties.

Last winter a disaster shelter was set up a Monmouth Mall when a heavy snow stranded motorists in the area. Preparation for disasters is worth the time. Ask your township or borough officials what specific training they have participated in lately to better prepare for local or regional disasters.


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