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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Mission Matawan 2011 - Day One

I did some rigorous yard work today while volunteering with Mission Matawan in the I Section of Aberdeen. At one place I was removing vines that had overrun an ornamental pine. The vines were three to five inches thick at spots and had  completely overtaken this poor tree. I had to use loppers and even a saw and was up on a ladder part of the time clearing the vines from the ground all the way to above the gutters. It was the oddest thing that the vines were generating branches like they belonged to the tree, complete with leaves. The tree had both pine branches and these other deciduous leafy branches mixed together. My fellow workers started calling it Pat's Tree because I was slaving in that corner of the yard for quite a long time. I'm not sure if I defeated the vines, but I sure brought out a lot of debris. I made some new friends today while working for Mission Matawan and renewed some old friendships.

I dropped off at McDonough's Pub in Keyport on the way home to offer my painful arms and shoulders a couple of Anchor Steam Summer Ales. Then I crashed at home for a few hours sleep. I should be ready to go at another project in a couple of days.

Remember that volunteer work resumes Monday morning and runs through Saturday. Meet in the Fellowship Hall at First Presbyterian Church of Matawan at 8 am any day this coming week if you wish to join in the effort. You'll get breakfast and can make yourself a lunch, then it is off to one of nearly two dozen projects being done this year. You likely won't have to wrestle with a tree. Maybe you'll tangle with a fence!

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  1. With only 2 days left in Mission Matawan, over 170 man days of labor have been performed. Community minded neighbors, from middle school to senior citizens, from handymen to CEO's, have paved, cleaned gutters, painted, and done yard work (galore!) for residents in Aberdeen, Keyport, Matawan and Morganville. Special thanks to all the next door neighbors of the folks we assisted, many of whom loaned us tools, or jumped right in with a helping hand.

    In a time when people have every right to be more cautious than ever with their money, its nice to see so many people genuinely interested in the well being of their neighbors.

    Diana Noble, Project Chair