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Friday, June 10, 2011

La Costera Taxi, Matawan

According to its 18 January 2011 meeting agenda*, the Matawan Borough Council planned to vote on Resolution 11-01-40, which would grant an operating license to Reynaldo Solano, owner of La Costera Taxi LLC, to run his livery business in Matawan. I've seen the taxis at the Aberdeen-Matawan train station and elsewhere around the area, so presumably they received their license as planned. La Costera Taxi has its offices at 17 Little Street in Matawan, according to their website.

I've not yet used their company for taxi service and have no opinion about them one way or another. One of the competing cabbies dished some serious dirt about them, which I won't repeat here. It doesn't seem to be true from what I can tell. Send me an email with your comments and I'll summarize the results,if any, in an update to this post.

* The Borough of Matawan has failed to publish any minutes on its Borough Council Agendas & Minutes page so far this calendar year. The Council shows 11 agendas for 11 meetings, starting with the reorganization meeting on New Year's Day, but the minutes column is completely blank. That is why I have to resort to citing the agenda and talking around whether the vote went favorably for Mr Solano. Its great that the Borough publishes its bills paid, but the minutes would promote full disclosure.


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