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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Exxon Reopens Near Pizza Hut at GSP Exit 120

Maybe I just hadn't noticed it before, but the Exxon on Laurence Harbor Parkway near the Pizza Hut is back in business. It had been closed for quite some time.

Gas used to be considerably higher there than other places around town, so I used it for convenience sake but never on a regular basis. Maybe this time around, with the Quick Check right across the street, maybe their prices will be more reasonable?

The Exxon never had much of a store, but perhaps that has changed with this new opening? The Quik Chek has a big store.

Convenience getting into and out of their lots will likely be the ultimate deciding factor on which if either of these gas stations customers choose. I suspect that Aberdeen and Matawan residents heading to the GSP in the morning rush will favor Quik Chek. Matawan and Strathmore residents will find it easiest getting in and out of the Exxon. Cliffwood, Cliffwood Beach and Keyport residents better just buy their gas in the morning because getting into and out of either station during the evening rush is problematic.


  1. Something is going on in the gas industry with openings / name changes, etc, I've noticed a lot of the old Exxons that have been shut for years have come back. There are more, but I can't think of them off the top of my head right now. Also, a lot of the Lukoils have changed over to Sunoco. I also noticed the reemergence of a Mobil - on Rt 36 in the Hazlet/Union Beach/ Middletown area. Mobil/Exxon/and Lukoil were all linked together about 10 years ago, when Exxon purchased Mobil.

  2. They just torn down this Exxon in the last day or so. What is going in its place?

  3. A year and a half ago, there was talk of the former Exxon being torn down to build a new Walgreens. Seethe 31 May 2012 article "Do Residents Need Another Walgreens?" at the Matawan-Aberdeen Patch at http://matawan-aberdeen.patch.com/groups/business-news/p/what-will-replace-exxon-at-intersection-of-cliffwood-8c58ff6cef