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Monday, June 6, 2011

2011 Primary Election in Aberdeen

Don't forget to vote in the primary election on Tuesday. I must warn you that it's mostly an exercise in civic duty this time round, so you'll want to avoid wasting too much gas going to the polls. I recommend that you plan to vote while heading on a grocery shopping trip. Or maybe you can drop in to vote on your way home from taking the kids to school?

The Asbury Park Press says the lack of choices in this primary marks a sad trend in NJ politics. I agree.

I finally found the 2011 Primary Election sample ballots for Monmouth County municipalities. I only discovered them by using Google. None of the Sample Ballot links at the Monmouth County website function properly. I just checked again and the Sample Ballots link in the blue left margin doesn't work on the County Clerk's main page, the Election Division page, the Official Election Results page, the Records page, or the County Clerk Duties page. Presumably the county's webmaster has blundered.


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