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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Matawan Man Stabbed at Main Street Residence

Glenn Howard, of Matawan, allegedly stabbed another Borough man repeatedly about the neck, head, and upper torso with a foot-long cooking fork, according to the APP. The article says nothing about when the incident occurred.

Cooking forks seem to be the weapon of choice these days. Check out the following incidents, all in the past month. A woman in Washington State reportedly stabbed her boyfriend in the butt after a day of heated arguments, according to PT Leader. A prisoner in Australia is said to have assaulted his cellmate with a knife and fork, then urged the man bleeding on the ground to admit he'd been a bad dog, per Geelong. And a British boxer's career ended before it started, according to the Daily Echo, when a man allegedly stabbed him in the eye with a two-pronged fork and blinded him in that eye.


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