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Sunday, February 13, 2011

Aberdeen Township's Home Page Needs a Tweak

Aberdeen Township's website was mentioned in APP's article NET WORTH: Are Towns' Websites Doing Enough to Keep Their Residents Informed? The writer seems to have discovered that the search engine on the Township's home page doesn't work, but she failed to notice that the search engine works everywhere else at the site. (A search of Criscuolo yields no results on the home page, for example, but if you go to the Agendas and Minutes page and do the same search, you will get plenty of hits.) A fix is in order, but I've had no problem finding what I need at the site.

Here's the pertinent text from the APP article.

A random review of municipal sites in the state reveals progress coupled with problems. At the official site for Aberdeen in Monmouth County, for example, you'll find archived meeting minutes but the site's search engine yields zero results. 

Check out the last page of this APP article and read about. Englishtown. Their government doesn't play around. What a nasty outfit they've got running things there.. Yikes!


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