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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Residency Challenges Are Business As Usual In Keyport Council

Once again the residency of a Keyport councilperson is in the news. According to The Independent, Mayor Robert Bergen challenged the residency of Councilman Steve Gross at the Council's 7 December meeting. Gross later told reporters that he had moved out of his Atlantic Street address but was living in a nearby condo. He stated that he is moving out of town and therefore plans to resign in early January. Gross says he told members of the Council last summer and it's no big secret.

Ed Burlew's residency was challenged during a bitter election campaign in 2009, per The Independent. Gross was his running mate in that election and won the seat Gross must now yield. Burlew was defeated by Christian Bolte in a runoff in early 2010.


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