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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Route 34/Lloyd Road Intersection Construction Completed

The Independent has an interesting story about the 8 December completion of the $1.5 million Route 34/Lloyd Road improvement project. This widening project, begun in December 2009, was completed three months ahead of schedule. Those of you who have been avoiding that intersection can now resume normal travel.

Sambo's opens. Sambo's Restaurant, Route 34, Matawan, opened last week. Checking the menu on the first day were Stormy Arrow, the manager, and one of the restaurant's striped (and stuffed) mascots. Putting the table in order is Laurie Geldziler. The restaurant is open 24 hours a day.
Speaking of Route 34 in Aberdeen, did you realize that we used to have a Sambo's Restaurant on Route 34 in Matawan? Grand opening was in March 1977, according to page 11 of the 30 March 1977 edition of The Independent.

UPDATE: Someone initially told me that the Sambo's restaurant was at the intersection of Oxford Lane and Route 34, where Friendly Dental is currently located, so that was what I wrote. But someone else wrote today to say no, the restaurant was across from the Grand Union and Franklin State Bank. The Grand Union closed and that space is now a Bed, Bath & Beyond. Franklin State Bank was taken over by Summit Bank and then by United Jersey Bank, which vacated the building and moved across the street. UJB was bought out by Bank of America, which is next to McDonald's. Best I can tell, Sambo's would have been located at 1124 State Route 34, where Foot Locker and Domino's are currently located. Is that right? Could that be the same building?


  1. My family used to go to Sambo's all the time! Pity about the name, though--it may have lasted longer if the owners realized that, even though it was a mingling of the founders' names, it may have not been the most racially sensitive.

  2. Likewise, my wife and I used to visit Sambo's quite regularly in the 1970s, but in California. Indeed, the name was most unfortunate and might have single-handedly killed it.

  3. It wasn't actually at the corner of Oxford Lane. It was on Rt 34 across from the Grand Union and Franklin State bank. Oxford was down to the traffic light and around the corner off of Lloyd Road

  4. I stumbled upon this blog from a Weird NJ article on the Zduniak house and Anchor Glass plant in Aberdeen. I couldn't believe the photo you've posted; I haven't seen it in decades. Laurie Geldziler is my sister. :) Just wanted to say I've been enjoying reading through the blog and reminiscing about the town in which we grew up. Thank you!

  5. Sambos was the building which now houses McDonald's

    1. That's what I remember. It was where McDonalds is now. I went there in late 70s after my communion.