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Friday, December 10, 2010

Matawan Development Project Tabled Until February

According to The Independent, the Matawan Planning/Zoning Board has tabled a major development plan for 126 Main Street (C-Town demolition, construction of condos and office space) at the request of the developer's locally-based attorney. Note that the project will be brought before the board  "without renotice" in February 2011,so if you're interested you should mark your calendar. The reason for this delay was not mentioned in the paper.

UPDATE: There is movement towards downsizing the project, according to The Independent. A revised plan, with one less floor and fewer parking spaces will be presented 2 May. 

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  1. The 126 Main Street project in downtown Matawan is being downsized based on public comments. I've updated this article to include a link to a recent newspaper article.