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Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Weekend Snow Storm Heading for Aberdeen Township

There's a winter storm warning in effect for Aberdeen Township. Accu-Weather Newark is calling for a major snow storm to deliver 3-6" of snow Sunday afternoon and another 3-6" overnight into Monday.

The Weather Channel says the snow will begin in the morning, with expected accumulations of 4-6". TWC calls for wind gusts up to 40 MPH at times during this storm.

The Township delivered a Red Alert message at 8 pm Saturday, advising all residents to move their vehicles from the street to facilitate snow removal. The Township recounted the Weather Channel's forecast and expects the storm to begin in the morning and last all day. The Township reminds residents not to toss snow into the street as they clear their driveways as this is against the law, not to mention dangerous.

The Aberdeen Township website says the Township's automated telephone system has been out of order since 22 December. This outage does not affect 911 dispatch service or police operations, according to the site, but you may have a wait or call back as the receptionist handles all calls individually and takes messages. (The website makes no mention of the snow emergency.)


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