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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Newark Penn Station Tips

For those of you unfamiliar with NJT at Newark, here are some pointers.

The multicolor striped monitors at Newark train station show departure times color coded by line: blue is NJ Coast; red is NE Corridor; yellow is Amtrak; orange is Raritan Valley.There are usually 3 such monitors per track. Each is paired with a solid color monitor that shows the stops for the incoming train.

The timetables on the wall are likewise color cued, plus they show either inbound or outbound. The top portion is weekdays and the bottom isweekends and holidays, so pay attention. NJT also guestimates the PATH service travel times to and from WTC. Best to pick up a full schedule to study and a short-form single sheet schedule for easy reference.

Homebound Shore trains are often on Track 2 during the rush and on Tracks 3 and 4 other times.


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