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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Federal Funds Won't Rescue Fired Teachers in Matawan District

Matawan Aberdeen Regional Schools Superintendent O'Malley, like Governor Christie, opposes non-recurring funding and is reluctant to use this one-time Congressional windfall to restore teachers' jobs as the bill intends, according to APP.  The article suggests that he's instead considering holding the money until next fall because the funds won't be received soon enough this year.

If he absolutely has to use it to hire teachers, he might use some of the funds to fill a gap in the kindergarten staff due to a bulge in the student population. He might even hire some special ed teachers. But the emphasis of the article is on hiring, not rehiring. The man has no heart. It's all a cold-hearted calculus, I'm afraid.

Oh, and by the way, the APP article refers to the 78 personnel who lost their jobs this year. Only half of those were teachers. The rest were janitors. This process isn't meant to give them a hand, in case you were wondering.


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