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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Old Currency

I found an old ten dollar bill (like this one, but in worse shape, I figure) in my wallet today while paying for chips and snacks at 7 Eleven. (Don't judge.) The currency is from the Series of 1934 C signed by Secretary of the Treasury John W Snyder and Treasurer of the United States W A Julian. It was issued by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York just after World War II -- sometime between 1946 - 1949.

One online vendor would be selling a nicer copy of my sixty year old bill for $22.00 if they had one in stock. Another vendor is selling what they have in stock for from $20 to $30.

I'm a collector by nature, but it's hard to put ten and twenty dollar bills off to the side just to look at once in a while in this economy. I figure the bill surfaced for the same reason -- someone probably tapped his or her collection to get something to eat or seek medical care. I guess I'm relatively well off if I can buy chips and snacks once in a while and leave my coin collection intact.

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  1. That is cool. I like finding old bills too, and I save them when I do. A few years ago, my wife received silver certificates as change at CVS. I always figured it is an older person that perhaps don't realize or like you say, really needed to spend money previously saved...