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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An Outing to Manhattan's East 7th Street

My daughter and her boyfriend invited me out after work last night. We met at McSorley's Old Ale House at 15 East 7th Street near Cooper Union in Manhattan. It's a really old pub -- established in 1854. They serve ale in  pairs of mugs and only in dark or light. The old pictures on the wall, sawdust on the floor, and dust thick on the overhead lights all give the place some interesting charm. We didn't stay long, though. We went down the street to Jimmy's No. 43, a bar in a brick cellar. Great atmosphere and an interesting collection of drafts and bottles. We had an appetizer of sausages and mustard that was quite tasty. The place isn't obvious to passersby -- down a set of steps with little signage -- but it seems to be popular with locals and those few tourists who discover it. Afterwards we went around the corner on Second Avenue to grab some Belgian fries at Pommes Frites. They fry fresh potatoes and put them into paper cones with accompanying sauces or cheeses. I had a Vietnamese sauce that was yummy.

The whole outing was on one block in Manhattan. I took the No 6 train to Astor Place and it was an easy walk to East 7th. Burp Castle is a bar on the same block that has a oddball theme you might find fun. I peeked in at my daughter's recommendation but it wasn't on our agenda. Another time.


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