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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Matawan Police Chief Continues to Dangle in Wind

A personnel review process continues against the Matawan Police Chief, according to APP. The local press isn't exactly enlightening the public on what's happening in this case, choosing instead to dig into the Chief's EEO complaint against the Borough as if that has something to do with his current situation. The local and county governments are leaving the Chief to dangle in the wind while they decide what to do. In the meantime, the Chief is being stripped of his perquisites, one by one, suggesting to the public that the charges are something more than political drama. I'm sure these things take time, but leaving the public to speculate on the matter is a negative for the Chief. The borough and county should get on with it and the press should dig a little deeper.


  1. Now he is the cause of 2 officers being layed off. The town has been wasting money for all this time and now claims they are so broke they need to layoff officers. So now the Matawan Police Department will be down not just one power hungry police chief but also 2 officers. Also I hear another officer is out on injury. Just open the door for crime why don't ya.

  2. We need to petition the town to request/force the apt complexes in the area to install surveillance cameras. I do not like the direction that this town is seemingly going.

  3. As a former resident of Aberdeen county and the police departments of Matawan and county. I say the both are so filled up with graft and nepotism as well as favors for others to get promotions by keeping quiet about crimes committed by officers and detectives against residents and non residents of the area or even outside the area that the only cure is total removal of all the officers in both the Matawan and Aberdeen police departments.
    I post this anonymously because I am afraid of being put in jail by one of those police officers but mostly the Detective departments. They don't need a crime just going against them can get you jailed.
    Citizens of Aberdeen county make sure that budget includes cuts to those police departments for your sake. This is how Hitlers forces started in the late 20's you could be the next one jailed