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Friday, June 25, 2010

Maloney's Pub Offers Beer Dinners, Tastings, 60+ Taps

Maloney's Pub & Grill in downtown Matawan is trying to become the regional champion of draught beers. I heard yesterday that they have 70 beer taps and are aiming for 92. A posting at  Chowhound yesterday suggested that Maloney's has at least 60 beers on tap. They have beer dinners and tastings, according to my daughter and comments at Pubcrawler and Yelp.

Given all this, you'd think Maloney's promotional posture would be just as remarkable, but it isn't. The website has a nice framework but lacks content. The beer lists are  blank pages and there are no online promos for the beer tastings and dinners. If this place wants to be big with the beer aficionados, how can I visit Beer Advocate and find no listings for Maloney's beer events on their calendar? One would hope that the website is under construction and will soon be ready for primetime, but it could just as easily languish because adding content turned out to be too much work.

Bravo for trying to bring the beer crowd to Matawan. Just be sure to invest adequately in advertising and web presence as well as in taps.


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