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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Take the PATH to Tribeca

For those of you who haven't used the PATH to visit downtown NYC since the 9/11 attacks, you'll find yourself pretty disoriented as you emerge from the World Trade Center PATH station. While the layout of the tracks and escalators will seem somewhat familiar, the exit from the PATH station near Ground Zero makes an unexpected left turn, putting you out on West Broadway at Vesey Street heading uptown (north).

Construction at and near Ground Zero is pressing on. Cranes are everywhere,

girders are rising,

and new buildings grace the landscape.

Visit the city again if you've stayed away. Tribeca is just finishing its film festival, but King Tut will be in the city until January 2011. Late spring is a great time to visit the South Street Seaport. A good place to get some coffee or a sandwich near the PATH station is the Amish Market on West Broadway at Park. A small but interesting place for Italian food is Capri Caffe on Church St near Duane St.


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