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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pritchard Industries Sweeps Up MARSD Janitorial Services Contract

Pitchard Industries, of Florham Park, was the janitorial services company seeking a contract with the Matawan-Aberdeen Regional School District on Monday, per APP. The board voted unanimously to proceed with the contract.

Pritchard is a huge company. (Their website reminds me of Luddite Industries.) Pick New Jersey from the pulldown menu on the Contact Us page if you need the name, address, phone, and email address of someone in Florham Park. Those seeking work with Pritchard should click here.

Marlboro's decision to go with Pritchard back in 2006 involved the same public statements for the janitors as we just had in our district, based on reporting by the News Transcript. But while just as emotional a meeting, the Marlboro board seems to have explained its position and answered public questions. Note that the 2006 janitorial talks were rushed to an unsatisfactory conclusion just like ours, again due to a short deadline, based on more reporting in the News Transcript. I wasn't surprised to see that Marlboro's move to outsource the janitors was advocated by the NJ School Board Association, an organization that has turned out to be a cheerleader for Governor Christie's anti-union policies.

BTW, I noticed that a couple of school districts tried to back out of their deals with Pritchard and the latter promptly took them to court.


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