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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Clapboard Creek Passes MAMS Enroute to Raritan Bay

Clapboard Creek, one of the tributaries of Matawan Creek, parallels Grove Street and West Prospect Avenue through most of Cliffwood, starting near Locust Street, passing the middle school on its way to Route 35, where it turns south and joins Matawan Creek near the Route 35 bridge. If you move the map and follow the thin blue line marking this stream, you'll come upon a small pond near 84 Lumber and across Route 35 from Wendy's. This pond, which isn't readily accessible, evidently is fed by this Matawan Creek tributary.

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The creek passes right by the Matawan Aberdeen Middle School (MAMS).

Here's a view towards the school from the spot where the stream crosses Matawan Avenue.

And here's a view of Matawan Avenue from the school looking towards Cliffwood Avenue. The stream crosses where the shade of the trees begins in the foreground.

There is a MA18B sign on Matawan Avenue labeling where the creek passes under the road. The trees and the dip in the road might help you locate it.

The stream passes under the roadway through a corrugated metal tube. Here's views of both sides of the road. Nothing particularly spectacular about the waterway, but it's good to remember that our local storm water runoff goes somewhere.

There are at least two A&P shopping carts littering the stream, by the way. It won't be an easy task extricating them from the steep ravine. I hope someone does, though.

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  1. I discovered today that the creek that crosses under Matawan Avenue and passes Matawan Aberdeen Middle School is called Clapboard Creek. I've edited this article to reflect the name.