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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

News Updates as of 18 May 2010

  • See photos from the 2010 Aberdeen Township Family Fishing Contest.
  • Aberdeen is the first municipality in Monmouth County to put its auto accident reports online. For a small fee to Police Reports US, you and your insurance company can obtain copies of these official reports online. Here's a link to the search engine.
  • There are some unfortunate typos in the 6 April 2010 Council Regular Meeting minutes related to the remarks of Frank Huza.
  • The Matawan-Aberdeen Chamber of Commerce (MACOC) has begun posting blog articles to its new website. The Chamber had a board meeting on 4 May and a networking meeting a week later. Their 9th annual business expo was held on 23 March. They've published a new directory that is available to the public for the asking. They have a Father's Day (20 June) trip planned to go see the Lakewood Blueclaws and another National Night Out Against Crime singing contest is in the works for 3 August. They didn't mention a corporate banker speaking on Selling and Relationships at Columbia Bank of Aberdeen earlier this evening
  • The Chamber's regional partner, the Northern Monmouth Chamber of Commerce, has a newspaper called the Monmouth Monitor. That paper mentioned the above event at Columbia Bank. It tends to publish stories about high profile charity events, national politicians from our area, and business networking. The news comes in fits and starts, though, as if the person in charge is squeezing this responsibility in on top of a host of other obligations. For example, the most recent series of articles was posted at 3 am, and before that -- 3 weeks earlier --- after 1 am. Check it out. It might be only a flash in the pan and be gone, but then again you might happen to find the occasional article you're interested in.
  • The Matawan Huskies baseball team defeated top-seeded Middlesex 5-3, according to My Central Jersey.


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