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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kagero Live in Keyport

I'm sitting on Front St enjoying live music at the bay, just across the street from Espresso Joe's, which hosts these events on the mini-mall on Friday and Saturday evenings. The plaza is full of spectators, some sitting, some standing, some dancing to the music, some drinking a latte from Sonny's shop.

I got to Keyport in time to hear most of Mad Feather Group. They were a lot of fun to listen to. The photo above gives a flavor of the backdrop of Keyport Harbor and Cliffwood Beach.

Kagero was up next. They came all the way from Brooklyn and put on an exciting show of what they call Japanese Gypsy Rock. They were truly masters of their instruments -- violin, acoustic guitar, electric bass guitar, and accordion. And the words to the songs were inventive. One of my favorites was Rock Star in a Grocery Store. A crowd favorite was the drinking song 2 + 1 Is Almost 5. After the performance they greeted the crowd and peddled some of their CD and t-shirts.


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