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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Tommy's Barber Shop and Main Street Village

I dropped in for a haircut at Tommy's Barber Shop on Saturday afternoon. I sat and read a few pages of the day's Asbury Park Press and was soon up in the chair becoming a new man. I had a nice chat with Carmella, the owner of Tommy's. I asked if she knew Tommy. She told me that the place used to be owned by a guy named Don, who bought it from Tommy.

Tommy's Barber Shop used to be in a building across the street where the Kat Shack bar now sits. The owner actually had a beauty salon and barber shop next to each other. The shop moved to the other side of Route 34 for a little while before relocating to its present site in Main Street Village, which is at the corner of Route 34 and Main Street in Matawan.

I recall two barber shops in town over 20 years ago -- one that used to be between where the Quik Chek is now and Aberdeen Road, and the other one was somewhere near Burrough's Mansion. I thought that the latter used to be Tommy's, but I could be mistaken. Both were in old shops, so I'm not surprised that they've gone away, but they gave the town a certain old-time flavor that was reassuring but is fast eroding. The old coffee shop at the corner of Little Street and Main was another old-timey place I loved. Cozy Corner, right? Starbucks has wi-fi, but those old places, like the library still is today, were places to pass a kind word with your neighbors and discuss local affairs. 

Well, let me just ask that you be sure to patronize all of your local shops. Times are tough and they need your support. Think twice before heading out of town to get something done you can get done locally. When you drop in for coffee at Starbucks or you need a package delivered by UPS, be sure to check out the other stores at Main Street Village. For example,  I noticed the other day that The Pottery House hosts kids' birthday parties. A large group of kids were in there having the time of their lives making crafts. And when you have pizza or a sandwich at Trattoria Rustica, be sure to order a birthday cake or pick up some cookies at Abbate's Bakery. (Don't tell anyone, but we sometimes pick up some Black and White cookies at Abbate's and take them down to Starbucks to have with their coffee.) And don't forget Rapunzel's, not only the perfect place for ladies to get their hair and nails done, but also a fully equipped day spa. You need a massage, don't you? OXXO Care Cleaners is relatively new but I hear good things about the convenience of using their clothing care services.


  1. Abbate's Bakery is very good. Trattoria Rustica is also. OXXO cleaners closed a few months ago, I never was able to try them out.

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