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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Park Place Diner Has Reopened

Park Place Diner opened on Monday after months of renovations. The place looks wonderful and the carrot cake is delightful!


  1. Their sign looks terrible compared to the newly renovated building. Why go through so much work and leave the rusty remnants in place? It also would help if they upgraded the landscaping.

    How is their menu looking? How are the meals?

  2. I brought up your concern tonight at the restaurant and they graciously discussed the situation with me. They assured me that Park Place Diner plans to replace the sign at the street with a brand new one already on order. There will also be a new sign mounted on the building.

    They chose to open with the old sign out front rather than wait the two weeks it will take for the new signs to be delivered and installed. They have a large staff that has been out of work during this major renovation, so the management thought it best to open this week and get things rolling again.

    There no doubt will be a few kinks in operations as they get back up to speed, especially with such large crowds showing up to eat. I noticed a long line at the register when we walked in, for example, but staff moved in to clear it.

    Food service and table busing seemed to be running smoothly. Our waitress was very busy but pleasant and efficient. She made excellent recommendations to make our meal a success and to save us money here and there.

    Park Place has a menu with about ten pages of breakfast, lunch, and dinner items at typical diner prices. Sandwiches, burgers, and hot dogs all seem to come with fries. They've removed their salad bar but offer a wide range of dinner salads instead. They offer seafood, pasta, steaks and chops, etc, plus very nice desserts.

    I like the place and eat there often. I'm not prepared to do a dinner review tonight. I'm sure Chowhound either has a current review or you could spark a discussion to find out more.

  3. you should try Pauline's on RT 34. Tues/weds/thurs nights app and entree for $13 - outstanding food

  4. No more salad bar?!?!? I guess my husband and I will have to cross the Park Place Diner off our list. That's a real shame. We've been waiting a long time for it to reopen and now I don't even want to go back.

  5. Salad bars aren't very sanitary. I'm surprised its absence is a deal breaker for you. I was never a fan of the salad bar and am frankly glad to see it gone.

    I talked to the staff on duty the other day about their signs, which haven't been upgraded as promised. They said they had some trouble with their supplier, so they've changed companies and expect signage this week. There will be a new sign at the street plus a sign on the building sometime this week if all goes well.