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Sunday, April 25, 2010

MA-17 and the Stream That Runs Under Main Street in Matawan

Does anyone know the name of the small stream that runs between Broad Street and Main Street behind the Starbucks and Trattoria Rustica in Matawan? You can see it from Terhune Park. It crosses under Main Street at a reinforced crossing designated MA-17 just north of Washington Street, right across the street from the Kat Shack. The stream continues at an angle away from Washington Street towards Lake Lefferts. The Lake Lefferts Dam drains 6.1 square miles, according to Findlakes, presumably including this stream.

Based on Google Maps, the stream simply disappears underground before it reaches Broad Street. Perhaps it goes under the no-man's-land between Walgreens and the Broad Street Community Center, then under the Henry Hudson Trail to join up somehow with Gravelly Brook?Anyone familiar with this part of its journey?

The corner of Main and Washington Streets in Matawan. The Kat Shack is to the left across Washington. The north side of MA-17 can be seen to the right of the street sign.

The south side of MA-17 as viewed from beyond Washington Street looking towards Starbucks.

MA-17 on the south side of Main Street, just beyond Starbucks looking towards Terhune Park.

The small stream viewed from Main Street looking towards Broad Street. You can just see a concrete structure in the far distance (top left corner of picture) that seems to be where the stream emerges from below ground.

Another view of the small stream as viewed from the south side of Main Street.

There is a ravine surrounding this part of the stream with small trees and bushes.

The Kat Shack bar as seen from behind the supporting wall of MA-17 across Main Street near Terhune Park.

A better view of the brickwork supporting MA-17 on the south side of Main Street.

The face of MA-17 on the north side of Main Street.

The small stream viewed from the north side of Main Street looking towards Lake Lefferts.

The deep ravine on the north side of Main Street is heavily treed. Some trees are covered with vines. The foundation of the first building on Washington Street can be seen in the top left corner of this picture.

Many of the trees are growing on the steeply sloped ground and are in danger of falling into the ravine. In the foreground an uprooted tree has died and is leaning precariously on another. The small stream can be seen in the center with what looks like a makeshift retaining wall to the right of it.

Beautiful Terhune Park is right next door.

The small stream passes through the woods behind this Terhune Park playground.

The First Baptist Church and other fine architecture along Main Street can be seen from Terhune Park.


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