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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Demolition Derby in Jersey

The New York Times says they are watching with great curiosity as Christie conducts a "demolition derby in Jersey" and pursues it "with gusto". The Times adds, "There’s a fine line between being tough and being a bully. Even some Republicans worry that Mr. Christie is driving too fast against traffic..."  But the NYT seems awed by the man with an impossible mission. They plan to get out the lawn chairs and watch the fireworks awhile. Unfortunately, I live here and haven't broken out the sparklers just yet.

Gov Christie's support has slipped sharply in the past month, according to a recent poll, but people are still desperate for tax relief, telling pollsters they are ok with slashing state aid to avoid tax increases. I expect the countless lost jobs in the public sector will hit the economy here like a rock. I know I'll be spending less when the 25% public transportation hike hits my wallet. All sorts of expenditure decisions are being diverted from the state to municipalities and ultimately to homeowners.

I expect Christie's demolition derby will continue for months and months as the economy gets smaller, unemployment rises, and quality of life in NJ diminishes. Home values will drop as demand to live in NJ plummets. And all those predicted "tax savings" will evaporate.


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