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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Obama Courting Republicans on Global Warming Bill

President Obama has been making some environmental compromises of late in an effort to get Republicans on board with a global warming bill. He is opening a large section of the Eastern seaboard (not NJ) to oil drilling, according to today's NYT. And he is promoting nuclear energy development by offering loan guarantees for a pair of Georgia nuclear reactors, the first to be built in the US in 30 years. The Scientific American and Christian Science Monitor have interesting reports you may wish to read. Businessweek focuses on the flow of lobbyist money coming from Southern Co, the expected builder of the nuke plants.

Those of us who consider ourselves environmentalists will have to swallow hard and watch as Obama maneuvers to produce a bill before we're all under a foot of water. The way the weather's been the past couple of days -- lots of soaking rain -- I'm already feeling waterlogged.

Wonder what the next shoe to drop will be? You'll want to stay tuned.


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