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Thursday, March 18, 2010

NJ Taxpayer Revolt Lines Up Against Education, Organized Labor, Working Class and Poor, and Public Transportation

After checking out NJ.com's article about Christie's budget, I was reading an editorial that generally supported my viewpoint when I happened to notice these comments from libertarian readers at the bottom of the page:
  • Severe cutbacks are exactly what we need. 
  • Yes, there will be people who don't get their noses wiped, but it is a cold cruel world. Get over it.
  • Yes - it is a cold cruel world and people need to step up and take care of themselves.
  • Honestly, do we need to have all the services? No, of course not.
  • The liberals have pushed it too far and it is time for the pendulum to swing back to the center.
  • It is fascinating to watch the fretting of those living on the taxpayer dime that will lose their handouts. 
  • It's nonsense that the local municipalities will have to raise more taxes
People you might enjoy bowling with think it's time to shed ourselves of our professional class of educators and return to the good old days of one room school houses with sweet Laura Engels Wilder teaching our wide-eyed innocents. They are so opposed to active union membership that soon they will be advocating an end to the celebration of Labor Day. The working class and poor of our communities probably should be catching the hint from otherwise respectable officials at all levels of government that health and social services are only for those who can afford them these days. If you want to take the bus or train to work, it'll cost you 25% more. Want a public library? Forget about it. We need that money for tax relief. Library cards are for pinko liberals anyway.

These people are your neighbors. They go to your church or synagogue. But they're angry taxpayers. They are spitting mad. And they are ready to make any kind of deep cuts in spending they can get away with. You will want to counter them in coming months by talking to your representatives in Trenton before this budget can be passed.

Christie claims to support regionalization, but only from the perspective that desperate municipalities will seek to merge before they wither and die. He is using the withdrawal of state aid as a hammer against local municipalities and schools to achieve what are only limited ends. Gov Christie has fleshed out a program that will reduce schools and government but without a plan to draw communities together and preserve our developed society.

Our local school board and municipal governments didn't need this speech to be totally on board with the  Governor's ideas. They'll be stronger now that Christie has given them more tools to erode our future.


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