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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A Real Snow Day

Below are some photos I took of today's blizzard from my little corner of Cliffwood Beach. I decided not to commute into New York City today, not because the snow was so heavy this morning, but for fear I wouldn't be able to get home in the evening. The storm got off to a slow start but was hitting us with two inches of snowfall per hour by this afternoon, just like the meteorologists forecast last night. The walks and drives were getting covered as fast as I could shovel. Fox News said NJ Transit would be adding trains in the afternoon in anticipation of offices granting early dismissals. But the commute home, by bus at least, was heavily delayed, based on television news reports. It is best to stick close to home on days like these. Today's storm has been a sharp contrast to the previous one, that hit Cliffwood Beach with a whimper.



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