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Saturday, February 27, 2010

RCM Awaiting COAH's Demise; Zoning Board Willing to Wait

APP doesn't say exactly what the extensions have been for, but RCM was granted a third one by the Aberdeen Township Zoning Board on 24 February. They now have until 31 March to do what they are supposed to do. APP's article before the meeting was no clearer. This game has been going on so long, I don't blame APP for forgetting what the extensions are all about.

The Independent said back in November that RCM has been filing for use variances as part of development plans it wishes the Township Council to approve. RCM withdrew its plans under pressure from Cliffwood residents, who didn't want the township's COAH effort to be directed totally at their neighborhood with the building of 132 low income rentals. I personally was concerned that the use variance involved building homes in an environmentally sensitive wetland area, but no one seemed to much care about that aspect of this.

The Christie Administration came into office in January flying the battle flag against COAH but has yet to kill it. Aberdeen Council is supportive of the effort against COAH, having passed non-binding resolutions in support of the state legislature, so the Township is granting RCM more time to wait out the process in Trenton.  Not only does the Council want COAH banished; it wants RCAs restored.

Presumably the ultimate outcome of postponing these developments will be the abrupt demise of the County Road project, which will become moot if COAH is upended. RCM will build its fancy market priced townhomes along Route 34 and make lots of money. The Council can then set about finding poor towns to trade its low income housing obligations to under a restored RCA. And then all will be right with the world.


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