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Friday, January 22, 2010

MAMS Winter Concert - SRO

My wife and I attended the Winter Concert at the Matawan Aberdeen Middle School (MAMS) last night. Good job by one and all. Congratulations to the students, instructors, and administrators.

The auditorium met its capacity of 500, then additional parents and staff watched the performance from the doorways. Some folks simply sat along the windows outside the auditorium and listened. Students sat on the floor along the base of the stage. My wife found one of the last seats and I stood in a doorway and peered around the corner over a number of heads. I think this qualifies for SRO status - Standing Room Only. The school board should take note of how popular our instrumental music program is and treat it favorably at budget time.

Contributions were collected at the door for Haiti relief and have not yet been totaled. Donations will be sent to Doctors Without Borders. If for some reason you were unable to donate last night, you could try contacting Mr Wells at the school today to see if you might be able to add your donation to the school's gift, or you could simply contribute online using a credit or debit card.


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