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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Letter from Councilman Greg Cannon

I am pleased to share the following email I received yesterday afternoon from one of our new Aberdeen Township Councilmen. He invites us all to be in touch as he serves the community.

Dear Pat,

As you know, I officially took the oath of office and began my term as a member of the Aberdeen Township Council on January 1, 2010. I now find myself in the honored position of serving the residents of Aberdeen and helping shape the future of our community. During my campaign last year, I visited every neighborhood in Aberdeen and promised to enhance the openness, efficiency and responsiveness of our local government if I was elected. Now, as a Councilman, the first step in achieving these goals is to make myself both available and accessible to my fellow residents. In that vein, I am aware of your blog, Aberdeen NJ Life, which appears to be read by a significant number of Aberdeen residents. Accordingly, I write to provide you with my contact information and request that you post this e-mail to your blog, so that your readers may be provided with the ability to contact me directly. My e-mail address is Gregory.Cannon@AberdeenNJ.org and my phone number is (732) 696-2623.

Thank you in advance and I am honored to be your elected representative.


Greg Cannon
Councilman, Aberdeen Township


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